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  • Why Should I Rent a Salon Suite?

    Rent a Salon Suite

    September 18, 2022

    SuiteFinder Essentials

    If you’re a stylist and thinking of renting a salon suite, that can be the best decision ever. However, why should you rent a salon suite instead of renting out space elsewhere? No one can answer that question better than those who have been in your shoes. Here are a few reasons to rent a salon suite:

    You Will Be Your Own Boss

    When you start as an independent stylist, you have complete autonomy over everything. You can decide what services you offer and when to provide them. You are not obligated to work shifts or take on clients who don’t fit the needs of your business.

    You Earn More Working on Your Own

    This is the biggest advantage of renting a salon suite. You do not have to pay a commission to your boss, so you can take more of your earnings home. Also, you can set your prices and decide what type of clients you want to serve. If you want to target high-end clients, your prices and income should reflect that.

    No More Worrying About a Late Paycheck

    If you work in a traditional salon, you probably have to wait until payday comes around before making any money. However, salon suites are a great way to come up with a steady income that you can rely on. You don’t have to worry about missing a paycheck because you take care of all the billing and money-collecting yourself. This means you don’t have to worry about making ends meet or paying bills while waiting for your check. Besides, it alleviates stress and makes it easier for you to focus on your clients and their needs.

    Your Clients Will Feel More Comfortable

    When you rent a salon suite, you’ll have a layout design that fits your needs and those of your customers. They will feel comfortable in their own space while having everything they need at their fingertips. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to spend with each customer during their appointments. Consider taking extra care to ensure their comfort level is high throughout each visit.

    No More Drama

    You can’t control what goes on inside other salons or beauty parlors. However, when your client comes to your private suite, you can guarantee there will be no drama. You won’t have any interruptions from other stylists that could ruin your client’s experience or interfere with your workflow.

    You Can Work When You Want

    If you’re looking for more freedom with your schedule, a salon suite might be better suited for you than owning a salon or spa. Renting a salon suite gives you flexibility in your schedule. You can start your day at 3 pm and not feel guilty about it! If you choose not to open your salon on Sundays or Mondays, that’s okay too. The point is that you get to decide when you open your doors, so no late nights or early mornings are involved with owning your own salon.

    You Get to Build Your Own Clientele

    With salon suites, you have the option of creating a unique experience for each person who visits your salon. You can choose from different services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, eyelash extensions, and more! The more services you provide, the more clients will come back for more than one service at a time.

    Get Support from a Community

    When you establish your business in a salon suite, you are surrounded by other professionals as well as the owner of the salon suite location. This provides you with a network of support to get ideas, solve problems, and get encouragement every day. This is important when you are building a new business! Some great brands to consider include Sola Salon Studios, Salons by JC, and Salon Lofts.

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