What Amenities Are Included With a Salon Suite?


September 21, 2022



A common question when looking for a salon suite is, “What amenities are present?” When exploring different spaces or locations around your town, you want to consider the amenities and whether they will fit your business’ needs. This article will highlight some of the amenities included with a salon suite.

Amenities Are Included With a Salon Suite

Generally, many amenities are available in a salon suite. Here are some of the amenities you should look for when shopping around for a salon suite:

    • Waiting Area; Most salon suites have waiting areas with comfortable seating where clients can sit while waiting for their appointments.
    • Parking; You want to ensure plenty of parking available for your customers. If you have clients coming from out of town or driving from other areas, they will want to know they can park easily without worrying about finding a space.
    • Free Wifi: If you don’t have your own office space, it isn’t easy to find a place that offers free wifi. With a salon suite, you can enjoy high-speed internet at your fingertips without paying extra.
    • Security Cameras: You also want to ensure the building has adequate security at each entrance and exit of your salon suite. This makes people feel safe while visiting your business during non-business and normal hours.
    • Storage: Storage is essential for any business owner. It provides an area where you can store your products and supplies while keeping them safe from damage or theft.
    • Shampoo Bowl: A shampoo bowl offers an easy way to give your customers quality service. And it’s while keeping your hands clean during the process.
    • Utilities: Having access to utilities such as gas and water is vital. They will allow you to provide all your services without worrying whether you will run out of resources when more people need them. Renting a salon suite means you will enjoy all these.
    • Lounge: Some salon suite locations offer lounges for clients and salon suite owners. This can be a nice area for your clients to wait if they arrive early or for you to take a break in between seeing clients.

Will I Pay Additional Fees on Top of My Rent?

Usually, the answer is no. You should ask every location about additional fees when you tour. Salon suite operators understand they will be renting out their space and need it to be profitable for them and you. Some salon suite operators will charge additional fees to make changes to your suite such as painting, hanging a chandelier, or installing additional furniture.

While they aren’t fees, you should expect to have some additional expenses such as laundry, insurance, and your products.

How Much Storage Is Available?

The storage available in a salon suite depends on the size and layout of your salon. Many salons have custom cabinetry that allows for more storage than a standard salon suite. Typically, there are two types of storage, cabinets, and drawers. Cabinet space is ideal for more oversized items like shampoo bowls, blow dryers, flat irons, and other styling tools. The drawers are perfect for smaller items like nail clippers, paper towels, polish remover pads, and other supplies. The size and placement of cabinets will vary from one salon to another.


Finding the right space for your salon business shouldn’t be difficult as long as you know what amenities you need. Therefore, you can always find a place to suit your needs, whether free Wi-Fi or plenty of parking.


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