Salon Suite vs. Commission Salon: Which One Is Worth It?


September 14, 2022



Salon Suite

A salon suite is a space that houses multiple salon stations. It is usually spacious enough to accommodate multiple stylists offering different beauty services.


Flexible Hours: You can choose when you want to open it and when you don’t. Besides, you can even switch out your hours if the business is slow during the week but picks up on weekends.

Be Your Boss: If you’re someone who needs to be their boss and make their own decisions, renting a space in a salon suite could be the solution for you. You will have the freedom to set up your shop and create whatever services that work best for your clientele.

In Charge of Your Decor: If you’re renting a space in a salon suite, the decor is completely up to you. You get to decide how it will look: whether it will be sleek and modern or feminine and romantic.

Give Clients Privacy: As a salon owner or manager, it’s important to be able to give clients the privacy they need. You can do this by renting space in a salon suite. This will allow you to better focus on the individual’s needs and keep them comfortable. 


Take Care of Maintenance and Cleaning Yourself: You’ll be responsible for all of the maintenance and cleaning. You will have to ensure your space stays clean and well-organized.

Market Your Business: As an independent business owner, you will market your salon. You should find ways to attract new customers and keep them coming back. 

Commission Salon

A commission-based salon is where stylists get paid when they make sales or perform services. This differs from salons that pay employees based on an hourly wage with no incentive for sales or client referrals.


Work With a Team: You will be around other stylists and salon owners who can help you grow as a professional. They’ll also teach you how to become successful and make more money in your career.

No Marketing Stress: You won’t have to worry about marketing your services, driving traffic to your salon, or even having a website. Since the salon does all the marketing for you.

Steady Paycheck: You also don’t need to worry about collecting money from clients when they’re not paying their bills on time. The salon takes care of all that for you. Thus, you should focus on providing quality service.


Shared Earnings: If you’re working in a commission salon, you share your earnings with the owner. Therefore, if one stylist makes more money than another, they get paid more. This can result in jealousy and resentment among coworkers.

Less Freedom: As an employee, you have less freedom because the owner will give you freedom based on their needs and preferences.

You May End Up in a Bad Salon: While some salons are great environments, others are not so great. If your salon doesn’t offer consistent scheduling or proper training opportunities, it can make it difficult for you to succeed.

Final Thoughts

Working in a salon suite has many benefits. Moreover, it has the potential to lead to more freedom and financial success than working as an employee in a commission salon. Therefore, if you’re ready to be your boss, a salon suite may be the right option for you.


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