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Renting a Salon Suite for a Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist, you want to provide your clients a relaxing experience. Therefore, a salon suite is a perfect place to have your business, whether they get a Swedish massage or something more exotic like hot stone massages.

September 28, 2022


It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced or new massage therapist because investing in a salon suite will benefit everyone. In this post, we dive deep into what you should look for in a salon suite, the benefits of renting a salon suite for a massage therapist, and how to find a perfect location.

Why Should a Massage Therapist Consider Renting a Salon Suite?

When looking for a salon suite, you want to make sure you consider the following things:


You want your salon suite to be near busy areas with plenty of potential customers. This can help you build up your client base quickly. The location should also be easily accessible by public or private means of transportation for people to reach it anywhere in the city easily.

Rental Price

The rental price of a salon suite will be one of your most significant costs, and it can vary widely depending on its size and location. So before committing yourself to any long-term lease, ensure you get the best deal possible. Check out what other businesses in the same area are paying for their premises and try to negotiate a better deal.

Size of the Space

You need enough room for all aspects of running your business, from massage tables and product shelving to sinks and cabinets. Think about how many people will be using each feature and ensure there is enough space for you to comfortably work around your client in the space.

How to Find a Perfect Location for Your Massage Suite

SuiteFinder can help you find the perfect location for your massage therapy business. With the tool, you can search for available salon suites near you. You can therefore view essential information about each space, such as square footage and rent payments, to narrow in on the best options for you.

Benefits of Renting a Salon Suite for Massage Therapists

Renting a salon suite for massage therapists has many benefits. Here are some of the top reasons why you should rent a salon suite:

Increased Earnings

As a massage therapist, you want to make as much money as possible. When you rent a salon suite, you can increase your earnings by charging more for each session. Moreover, you won’t have to split profits with anyone else.

Ability to Set Your Own Schedule

By renting a salon suite for massage therapists, you can open, close, and take vacations whenever you desire.

Freedom to Personalize Your Space

You’re not limited by someone else’s decorating style or colors. This means you can create the perfect atmosphere for massaging clients. It also allows you to create a space that feels like home and helps customers feel more comfortable. The more comfortable the client is, the better their experience will be!

No Commissions

You do not have to pay commission when renting a salon suite for massage. Therefore, everything you earn will go directly into your pocket.


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