How Does a Salon Suite Work?

How Does a Salon Suite Work?

July 1, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered how a salon suite works, this article is for you! We explain how salon suites work, what sets them apart from typical salons, and their services. 

What Sets Salon Suites Apart From Typical Salons?

Salon suites are a new trend in the industry, and they’re quickly becoming a popular option for those in the beauty business. What sets them apart from typical salons?

First and foremost, you’re not an employee of a traditional salon; you’re the business owner! You can choose what services you offer, what clients you want to work with, and how much money you want to make. There’s no one looking over your shoulder telling you what to do or how much money you can make.

Renting a salon suite can be much more affordable than having your own building or storefront. This is true if you’re just getting started and don’t have enough money to buy your own property or pay for renovations on an existing building.

You can sell more products and services. You’ll have a broader selection of products and services to sell, making more money on each sale. Plus, you’ll be able to advertise your salon suite as a one-stop-shop for beauty care in your area.

The salon suite business model is flexible and allows you to create your own schedule. You can host a few or as many clients as you want and take time off whenever necessary. This particularly appeals to those who want to work part-time or just want more flexibility in their lives.

How Do Salon Suites Work?

Salon suites are private, furnished, and secure spaces that beauty professionals rent to provide their services. They are an ideal alternative to a traditional salon or spa.

Salon suites can be used by professionals in the beauty industry: cosmetologists, massage therapists, estheticians, barbers, and others.

The business model is pretty simple: Beauty professionals rent the salon suite and use it as their own salon or spa. The space is fully furnished with everything needed to run a successful business. There are minimal start-up costs; the only thing you have to pay is rent. 

What Types of Services Can You Offer in Your Salon Suite?

If you’re looking to rent out a salon suite, there are many different types of services you could offer. Here are just a few:

Hair Styling and Coloring: Hair styling includes perming, straightening, and curling. Many people also want to color their hair to look more striking or cover up their grey hair.

Manicures & Pedicures: This is one of the most popular services salons provide because it’s something everyone wants.

Facials and Waxing: Facials consist of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming, and masking before moisturizing and massaging the face with oils and creams.

Massages: A licensed massage therapist or someone trained in massage therapy can perform the massages.

Makeup Application: If you’re skilled at applying makeup, this is another service for which clients will pay good money. You can apply foundation, eye shadow, and blush.

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