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    Salons by JC Novi Town Center: Elevating Beauty Businesses with Unmatched Convenience and Quality Amenities

    November 28, 2023


    SuiteFinder recently had the pleasure of touring the exceptional salon suites at Salons by JC Novi Town Center in Novi, Michigan. Our team was thoroughly impressed with this salon suite and believes that this is an outstanding location for beauty professionals looking to elevate their business.

    Novi Town Center, situated at 43227 Crescent Blvd., is not just a location; it’s a thriving beauty destination. With easy access from Novi Rd and Interstate 96, the center is surrounded by renowned retail outlets such as ULTA, TJ Maxx, Bath & Body Works, Sally’s Beauty, and Hobby Lobby. Salons by JC Novi Town Center strategically positions itself in the heart of this open-air shopping center, right across from TJ Maxx and sharing a back wall with ULTA.

    Convenience Beyond Compare

    Salons by JC understands the importance of convenience in the beauty industry. That’s why they are thrilled to share that lessees have 24/7 access to their suites. This flexibility allows beauty professionals to operate on their terms, a key factor in fostering success.

    Exceptional Services and Amenities

    Upon entering Salons by JC Novi Town Center, our team was struck by the commitment to excellence in maintenance. The property is spotless, reflecting a dedication to professionalism. The common area, a spacious oasis, offers a perfect setting for relaxation and client interaction. Complimentary water, coffee, and tea are just a few of the amenities available. Vending, a TV, and microwave further enhance the experience, creating an environment that supports business growth.

    Opportunities for Growth and Connection

    What sets Salons by JC Novi Town Center apart is its acknowledgment of the importance of community and collaboration. Suite owners not only enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained facility but also have the opportunity to utilize the common area for hosting special events. Grand openings, training sessions, and various gatherings can be seamlessly accommodated, fostering connections and business expansion.

    In conclusion, SuiteFinder is excited to recommend Salons by JC Novi Town Center to every beautician in the area. The strategic location, unparalleled convenience, top-notch amenities, and opportunities for growth make it an ideal choice for those looking to take their beauty businesses to new heights.


    To learn more or to reach out and schedule a visit, check out Salons by JC Novi Town Center in Novi, Michigan, here.

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