Can I Share a Salon Suite With Another Professional?


July 1, 2022



Are you about to launch your salon suite business and wondering if you can share a salon suite with another professional? Here we explore the pros and cons you might want to consider when making this critical decision. Whether you’re a beauty salon owner wanting to learn about sharing your space with another professional or someone who is looking for a shared location, this article will give you the information you need.

Can I Share a Salon Suite With Another Professional?

Fortunately, most salon suite operators will allow you to share a salon suite with another professional. Most suites have larger suites that make sharing even easier if you want to both see clients in the suite at the same time. The most important thing about sharing a salon suite is to ensure that you have an agreement before you start sharing. This way, you’ll agree with one another from the beginning how your sharing arrangement will work. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before sharing:

Do you each have enough clients? 

You don’t want to be sharing space if one or both of you don’t have enough clients. This can lead to problems because the other person’s schedule will affect yours and vice versa, or if one of you has difficulty making enough to pay your share of the rent.

Can you get along with the one you’ll share with? 

This is very important because even though you may be able to get along in business terms, there could still be some personality clashes between both parties.

Benefits of Sharing a Salon Suite With Another Professional

Here’s why you should share a salon suite with another professional:

Save Money

When you share a suite with a partner, you can often split the cost of the rent. This means you’ll have more money to take home or invest in growing your business.

Enable Collaboration and Learning

Sharing a salon suite means you’ll be interacting with each other’s customers and collaborating in the suite together. So instead of working against each other for business, you can work together to promote each other’s businesses.

Generate More Clients

More clients will come into your salon when you share the space with another professional. When clients come in for a particular service, they often want to try others. Having another professional available to offer the services increases the likelihood that your clients will buy more from you or your suite partner. Also, if your partner has availability in their schedule, they can cover for you if you get double-booked or have an emergency and can’t make it to work one day.

Shared Investment in equipment and furniture

If you share a suite with a partner, you can share investments in equipment and furniture. This can help cut your start-up costs because you won’t have to buy these items separately.

Disadvantages of Sharing a Salon Suite

The biggest con of sharing a salon suite is that you’ll have less privacy. Sharing a suite with someone else means you’ll get little to no privacy than if you had your own space. This is especially true if you’re sharing with another stylist who works at the same time as you do.

All parties involved should understand their roles and responsibilities if you’re sharing space. Thus, there aren’t any misunderstandings down the road. You’ll also want to ensure the other businesses’ schedules don’t interfere with yours. 


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