Are Salon Suites the Future of the Hair Industry?


September 20, 2022



What Is a Salon Suite?

A Salon Suite is a mini salon that beauty professionals rent. It is fully furnished and includes all the amenities needed to run your business. The rent is payable weekly or monthly. There are many brands of salon suites, including Phenix Salon Suites, MY SALON Suite, and others.

Advantages of Renting Salon Suites

Higher Income Potential

The higher your income potential is, the more likely you will be able to make ends meet. Salon suites make it easier for you to earn more money. Renting them means reducing your overhead costs and allowing you to focus on providing excellent customer service and quality care.

They’re Affordable

Salon suites are usually cheaper than regular salon spaces. This is because they provide only the space and amenities you need to operate a small business, so you don’t have to pay for a space so large you need multiple employees working for you to pay for it.

Flexible Work Schedule

The salon suite offers you the flexibility to work whenever it best suits you. If you want to take an afternoon off, then there is no issue with that. If you want to take a few days off for vacation, that is perfectly fine. This means there is no pressure from anyone else, and no one will ask questions about why or how long you were away from work.

Be Your Own Boss

When you rent your own salon suite, you’ll have complete control over your business’s operation because it’s your own space. You’ll be able to set it up exactly how you want it without worrying about making changes later on down the road if something doesn’t work out as planned.


Do marketing yourself

Most people will not just walk into your salon suite. They may not even know that you are there. That is why it is important to market yourself to increase your revenue. You can create a website for your business where potential clients can learn more about what you offer. Many variables can affect the success of your marketing campaign, including budget and time constraints. If you don’t have enough time or money to devote to your marketing plan, then it is best left up to professionals with extensive industry experience.

Why Are So Many Stylists Leaving Salons to Open Their Own Salon Suites?

Stylists leave salons to open their own salon suites for several reasons. They want to be in control. Some stylists like having the ability to make their own decisions and not have someone else controlling them. They want to be able to decide how much money they make and when they work.

They also desire to earn more money. Many stylists have limited opportunities for growth within the commission salons. Therefore, they choose salon suites since they want to create their own business model where they can earn more money.

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